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I'm a Visual Effects Supervisor and Senior Compositor working in Film and Television – specializing in photo-real Visual Effects, which are aimed at integrating seamlessly with the original images. With over a decade of experience in Visual Effects and two decades in post production, I've worked on films (digital and celluloid), television series, national television commercials, and Virtual Reality projects.

  • Pre-Production: Strategizing and designing complicated VFX shots, and developing creative looks that will work for the vision of the project.
  • Production: Overseeing the shooting of VFX to ensure all elements are captured with the precision necessary to complete high quality VFX in post (both creatively and technically.) Also accounting for any on-set production changes that necessitate adjustments in the initial VFX plans.
  • Post: Managing and supervising shots by the VFX team and vendors to ensure they meet the creative vision for the project, and meet high quality technical standards of the filmmakers and studios. Also sometimes diving in, and working on some of my own shots for the project.
Creating photo-real Visual Effects with Nuke and a little bit of 3D with Houdini, Modo, Maya.
VFX Expertise: Compositing(2D/3D), Tracking (2D/3D), Keying/Green Screen, Beauty Work, Photogrammetry, Morphing (Classic & Modern "Fluid Morphs"), Digital Cleanup, Color Matching, Relighting, Digital Matte Paintings, etc.
Visual Expertise: Cinematography/Photography Techniques, Lighting Techniques, Color Theory & Grading

Netflix, A24, filmscience, Broad Green Pictures, Samsung, Skybound, Troublemaker Studios, Lionsgate, FearNet, PBS, Ballymartin Inc, and Hamilton Film Group.

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