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Here are sample images from some of my projects – click on any image for more info.


I'm a Colorist working in Film, Commercials, and Television.

After film school, I started working in post production as an Assistant Editor in Television Commercials. I was able watch some of the best colorists in the business while they worked, and I began to develop my own critical eye for creative color. When I started freelancing as an Online Editor, I built upon these skills with my own color grades. Now, after ten years of experience as a Colorist, I've fine-tuned my own color skills and techniques to take on any color project.

Commericials: Puma, Captain Morgan, Budweiser, Sprint, GE, Crown Royal, Ketel One, Lime-A-Rita

Film/TV: American Experience: Oklahoma City, Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies, American Experience: Ruby Ridge, Gone VR, Black America Since MLK, American Experience: Bonnie & Clyde, American Experience: Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross, The Italian Americans, Question Bridge, Audrey's Door, Joan Baez: How Sweet the Sound, Atlantic Records: The House that Ahmet Built.

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